NFI - Nutrition Foundation of Italy was created in December 1976 with the goal of enabling interaction and collaboration with government bodies, universities and industry to contribute to the development of scientific research, to the exchange of information in the field of nutrition and to the promotion of interdisciplinary researches in this area.

NFI has a Scientific Committee of Experts with recognized competence in the different disciplines related to food and beverage.

NFI is partner of the European Nutrition Foundations Network.



Andrea Poli
Education: Degree in Medicine cum laude, University of Milan; Specialization in Pharmacology cum laude, University of Milan.
In the past, Dr. Andrea Poli had a long-term collaboration with the Center for the Prevention and Therapy of Atherosclerosis and Dismetabolic Diseases, Niguarda "Cà Granda" Hospital, Milan. From 1986 to 1993, he was involved as Scientific Secretary in the Italian National Educational Program on Cholesterol Control.
Currently, he is collaborating with the “Servizio di Epidemiologia e Farmacologia Preventiva” (SEFAP) of the Department of Pharmacological Sciences of the University of Milan; he is member of the Review Board of the Istituto Autodisciplina Pubblicitaria, and Editor-in-chief of Nutrafoods, a peer-reviewed quarterly journal focusing on nutraceuticals.
From 1996 to 2001 Dr. Andrea Poli had teaching contracts with the University of Milan, for a series of lessons on clinical trials methodology and on nutrition and health. Now he has a position as Visiting Professor at the University of Parma, where he is responsible of a Course on "Nutrition and Prevention of Degenerative Diseases".
From 1996 Dr. Poli is the President of NFI-Nutrition Foundation of Italy.
His main scientific interests are in the area of lipoprotein disorders and atherosclerosis, population interventions in atherosclerosis prevention, study of the distribution of risk factors in the Italian population. He is author of more than 50 PubMed referenced publications.

Franca Marangoni
Education and training: Degree in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Milan; PhD in Pharmacology and PhD in Toxicology, both at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Milan; master’s degree in Communication and Health in Contemporary and specialization in e-learning and web based scientific communication Media at the University of Milan.
For 15 years, she was Research Fellow at the Department of Pharmacological Sciences, University of Milan. From 2004, she has been working for the Nutrition Foundation of Italy (Milan) as Research Director. In this position she is in charge of NFI scientific communication, organization and coordination of research projects.
Her research interests and skills include: lipid and fatty acid metabolism and their correlation with diet and lifestyle (alcohol, cigarette smoking); eicosanoid pathway in various pathological conditions; polyunsaturated fatty acid metabolism in health and diseases in pediatric and adult populations; effects of maternal dietary and lifestyle habits on infant polyunsaturated fatty acid metabolism, growth and development; glycaemic index of foods and impact on glucose metabolism, insulinaemia, inflammatory biomarkers (CRP, cytokines) and hormonal factors (ghrelin, leptin). Her research ranges from in vitro studies to epidemiological observations and clinical trials.
Teaching activity includes lessons at university courses and specialization schools at the Faculties of Pharmacy and Medicine and at training courses on nutrition and prevention for pharmacists and general practitioners. More than 50 papers published on international peer reviewed journals, as well as book chapters in international scientific collections and Italian monographs.



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