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A consensus document on the role of breakfast in the attainment and maintenance of health and wellness

Marangoni F, Poli A, Agostoni C, Di Pietro P, Cricelli C, Brignoli O, Fatati G, Giovannini M,  Riva E, Marelli G, Porrini M, Rotella CM, Mele G, Iughetti L, Paoletti R.
Acta Biomed 2009; 80: 166-171.

An increasing scientific evidence, obtained in several Countries with different dietary habits, shows that regular breakfast consumption is associated with better health status at any age. Notwithstanding this evidence, both systematic reviews of the literature and statistical investigations on population samples support the notion that the first meal of the day is the most underestimated, and often completely neglected. According to 47 observational studies on breakfast habits, carried out in the US and in Europe, about 10-30% of children and adolescents regularly skip breakfast. This detrimental practice progressively increases from childhood to adulthood.


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